jueves, 19 de enero de 2017

In Mind Especial Episodes - In Mind Arisen Flame Compilation 2017 Part 2

Pequeña Introduccion-
Special-IN MIND Arisen Flame.
Special Episode contains the singles, Remixes, Tracks,
Takes some of its beginnings so far of the month 19-01-2017...
Maciej Węsek
Nombre Artistico:
Arisen Flame.
producer from Sianów, West Pomerania, Poland
Born in 1990 in Koszalin, Poland.
All rights reserved Arisen Flame.
--------------------------------------------------Mixer Time: 1:15:34--------------------------------------
Arisen Flame-Chords (Intro Mix)
Arisen Flame-Concept (Original Mix) 5:48
Behind The Sunset-Actus Secundus (Arisen Flame Remix) 9:40
ARISEN FLAME-Explorer (Original Mix) 12:20
ARISEN FLAME-Dimension Of Space (Original Mix) 16:08
arisen flame-Unified Hearts (Original Mix) 19:54
arisen flame-Fireball (Original Mix) 23:15
ASIREN Flame-Dreamland (Original Mix) 27:21
Photographer & Abstract Vision-Zero Gravity (Arisen Flame Remix) 30:45
Arisen FLAME-Hardfire (Extended Mix) 34:06
Arisen FLAME-Challenger (Original Mix) 37:25
ARisen Flame-Orion (Original Mix) 41:48
ARisen Flame-Mixed Feelings (Original Mix) 45:41
Arisen FLame-Find You (Original Mix) 49:19
Arisen FLame-Memories Of Love (Uplifting Mix) 51:56
ASIREN Flame-Someday (Uplifting Mix) 56:34
ARIsen Flame-Love Story (Uplifting Mix) 1:00:42
ARIsen Flame-Axis Mundi (Original Mix) 1:06:15
aRISEN fLAME-Hyper (Original Mix) 1:09:07

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